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Metsys 6, 112 AS

It’s been a difficult time for us, but there have been good things with the bad.  I shall begin with the worst for me.  It was truly a child which I gave birth to on the night of Metsys 4.  There will be no details recorded ever about that birth.  From nowhere, a very unearthly bed appeared for the baby.  I feel the option to send her home, but can’t help thinking of her as my child.  Dina agrees that we should keep her, so she lies next to the baby Dina gave birth to that same day in the morning.  We have named them Bethany and Crystal, two more girls.

This morning I had a surprising moment with Astara.  We were outside together and she asked me to cloud watch with her.  It was very peaceful and I enjoyed the time of quiet.  She’s still the messiest child I’ve ever known, and although I believe this may not be something we can teach her out of, we continue to try.

I still have a long way to go career wise as an artist, but I’ve met all of my other goals.  I’ve painted masterpieces, and most of them are on the wall.  During hard times I’ve had to sell one here and there.  The money for those was over a thousand each.  Since my career is the only thing that challenges me in the field of painting I’ve begun to write books in my spare time.  This new interest challenges me to stretch my creativity in a different direction.

By my hand,

Lucius Malfoy



Biri 14, 112 AS

Again it has been a long time.  Perhaps this is what it’s like to be a father.  I’m busy all the time.  Worse, the horrid creatures from the sky came again.  Those aliens took me and this time I did not return the same.  I believe I’m pregnant.  Although I know this to be impossible, I can think of no other explanation.

It happened on Kulun 2, last year.  The day was beautiful and Dina told me in the morning that she was going to have another child.  That night I saw the lights outside.  There was no choice but to go to them.  It’s as if they drew me in and I had no control.  For the first few months after that I was sick often.  Then I began gaining weight.  At this point my stomach is as large as Dina’s.

Some of the other artists at work joked that I should try to take family leave.  It’s no joke.  I definitely am.  If this is what Dina is going through I’ve no idea how she can want ten children.  She’ll get over it.  It’s highly likely she already has.

In the meantime Astara has grown into an active four year old.  She’s the messiest child I’ve ever met.  All she ever wants to do is climb things.  Then she leaves behind her a path of destruction, never thinking to clean up.  We’re trying to teach her, but our efforts are for naught.  I did end up buying her some monkey bars to play on in hopes she’d stop climbing every piece of furniture we own.  Her grades in school are passable.  We encourage her to do homework every night but are both too exhausted to lend much help.

By my hand,

Lucius Malfoy


Kulun 17, 110 AS

I admit it has been far too long since I’ve made an entry here.  Luckily I continue to draw, so there are sketches which are easy to add.  Dina started in on her cooking soon after our honeymoon.  Her career had been stalled and she was frustrated.  I did my best to support her efforts and certainly enjoyed not having to cook all of my meals anymore.

One evening we ended up on the topic of children and I discovered that Dina dreamed of having ten of them.  I can only hope that once we have three or four she will forget this irrational desire.  That many children would be difficult to support on any salary.  With me working my way up as an artist and her aspiring to be a mixologist I don’t think we can support ten children.  Besides, they would surely drive me mad.

On Elt 9, 107 AS Dina informed me that she was pregnant and we celebrated the occasion with great joy.  I began saving money again thinking of the need for a room and baby furniture.  Even so, I gave Dina the bar she’d been wanting on our first anniversary.  I also kept my first two masterpieces instead of selling them.  They hang in the kitchen reminding me to continue working hard.

As rewards came in from my employer a small studio for me grew next to the kitchen.  Our daughter was born on Biri 12, 108 AS and we agreed to name her Astara.  A couple days ago Dina told me she needed to throw a party.  Evidently serving drinks at a party will help her to improve her mixology skill faster.  I sincerely suspect she just wanted to throw a party.  It went amazingly well.  I admit that I was impressed.  There may be more news soon.  We’ve been speaking about trying for another child.

By my hand,

Lucius Malfoy


Stoat 27, 107 AS

The days, weeks and months have passed by so quickly that I can hardly believe it’s been a year.  Dina is at my side often, sometimes stopping by in the evening when I get home just to watch me paint.  I’ve left the house basically as is so I could save for the wedding.  There was one time when I replaced the toilet instead of repairing it, but that was an emergency situation and an exception to the rule.

As the day of our wedding approached we looked for a suitable venue.  There is a museum in Magnolia Promenade with a wedding hall upstairs.*  We decided it would be appropriate.  A part of me wanted to have the wedding in our home, as my parents did, but it doesn’t have near what would be needed for such an event.  Between hall rental, catering and a mixologist money has been stretched far too thin as it is.  I should probably be glad the hall lacks a piano, though a part of me is sad about that.  Perhaps one day my family can donate one when times are better.

The wedding was wonderful.  We stood at the arch waiting for people to gather and I feared my efforts to fill the hall had failed.  People filtered up from the museum slowly, however.  The guests stopped to admire two floors of amazing art first I assume.  Both Danna and Alexus were invited.  To my surprise they both came.  I thought it a bit odd, however, that they both wore the same exact hat.

After the wedding Alexus told me she still liked me and to give her a call if it didn’t work out.  I’m sure Dina and I will be very happy together.  Danna sat beside me after I baked the cake, more on that later, in the room where pottery and woodworking classes take place.  She was friendly, though a bit frosty.  Perhaps she only said she thought of me as a friend because she was hurt by my date with Alexus?  At this point it hardly matters.

Father used to often say that it was hard to find good help and mother would nod her head in easy agreement.  I never understood.  We seemed to have wonderful staff all the time.  Now I think I might understand after all.  The caterer took my money and as far as I could tell never showed up, which meant I baked the plain white cake we used as a wedding cake, and another cake to feed all the guests.  Salad?  I made it.  All of the wedding food had to be made by my hands.  I couldn’t ask Dina to cook on her wedding day.  One simply doesn’t do that.  Then, halfway through the celebration the mixologist took one of her drinks and sat down.  She never returned to the bar.

None of that matters, the wedding was still perfect in it’s own way and Dina was unaware of the problems.  Now she’s washing up for bed.  Actually I believe I hear her coming towards the bedroom.

By my hand,

Lucius Malfoy

StoatB* I used my own museum for this which can be found on the gallery under my username m_evergreen

Elt 12, 106 AS

A horrible thing has happened.  I was abducted by aliens.  These creatures had no respect for me and treated me like something to be studied.  There was no regard whatsoever for propriety.  I cannot say all that occurred, only that I never wish to go through it again.  When I was with them there was no sense of time.

I need to calm down.  Yesterday, I came home after work and before I even entered the house a bright light beamed down upon me.  Then I was pulled up into the sky and found myself inside of a metal scientific chamber of some sort.  I won’t speak of all that came to pass.  The one thing I can say is that I was frightened beyond any other time in my life.

When I was returned to my front door I called Dina immediately.  That time spent with those… things… was enough to convince me that there was no sense in waiting for the right moment.  One never knows what will happen next in life and if I were to wait too long it could be too late.  The instant she was in the house I proposed.  I know my state puzzled her, but she did me the favor of not asking.  I don’t believe I shall ever tell anyone all that happened to me.  Being close to Dina was of great comfort.  We’ve chosen next year on Stoat 27 as our wedding date.  Spring is a good time for a wedding, that’s what Mother always said.

By my hand,

Lucius Malfoy


Biri 7, 106 AS

I’ve made an important decision.  The woman I will marry is Dina.  She is strong willed, determined and took all of my romantic gestures well.  It was a real relief since Danna has informed me that she thinks of me as a friend and nothing more, and Alexus has been too busy with her son to see me lately.

Dina went with me to the desert and we spent an evening in the park there.  I didn’t want to take her to the local park since I’d gone there with Danna on our first date.  It took some effort for me to really get to know her, but Dina is truly everything I could ask for.  She will surely help me to build a family in this new place and a household as well.

Lately, she has been visiting often.  She seems to admire my art, and I’ve noticed she exercises regularly.  One time I found her doing push ups in front of my easel.  I believe that my proposal will meet with favor, yet I feel I must wait for the proper moment.  It would be helpful to have someone to speak with about how to go about asking, but I refuse to contact my father or brother.  There’s no way I’ll show them any sign of uncertainty or weakness.

By my hand,

Lucius Malfoy


Stoat 5, 106 AS

Danna was still on my mind as a possible long term match, but it seems best to get to know several women before making my choice.  I didn’t grow up here and I don’t know much about the people.  With that in mind I asked out another young lady.  Alexus startled me by searching through my trash can for food before our date.  I invited her in to clean up and offered her some food from my refrigerator.  I’d thought her to be of a similar age to me but she’s much older with a teenaged son.

Although I wasn’t certain about her at all I wasn’t going to cancel our date.  I took her out the the nearby club and we stood outside talking for a while.  She opened up to me so easily that it felt like we were old friends.  Then we kissed.  Evidently I’d chosen just the place that Danna was spending the evening at.  She was furious and although she didn’t approach us I knew that we would need to talk later.

I truly thought I’d made it clear I wasn’t ready to settle.  We’d made no promises to each other to be faithful and I had naturally assumed she was dating others as well.  I wasn’t chasing after her in the middle of my date with Alexus, however, and Alexus was so charming that I forgot my worries as Danna walked away.  Alexus initiated hand holding, another kiss, she even presented me with a rose and I’ve no idea where that came from.

Later I noticed that Danna was back and watching with great annoyance.  It seemed to me that we would be best off moving inside.  Alexus and I found a seat in front of the fireplace and she told me about how difficult things were for her.  She was a stay at home mom and could barely afford to provide for her son let alone herself.  I really felt for her and found myself seriously considering her as an option.

I admit that I’m worried I might care for Alexus for the wrong reasons, yet my heart goes out to her.  She’s such a genuine woman with a good heart.  I don’t look forward to trying to patch things up with Danna.  Perhaps I shall put it off for a bit and see what happens.

By my hand,

Lucius Malfoy