Apterium 1, 106 AS

I’ve begun this journal to record my Legacy.  Father has passed the entirety of the estate on to my brother, with the exception of 20,000 for me.  This money has purchased me land, a title and extremely limited facilities.  Since my only current interest is in art I’ve made some decisions.  The first child I have that shows creativity shall be the one to take over.  If none are so lucky to receive that trait I shall begin with the oldest child remaining in the house.  This is assuming I survive long enough to find someone worth having children with.

I’ve taken a job in my field of interest and tried fishing.  Unfortunately once I caught the fish I had no idea how to cook them, so I grilled fruit instead.  The purchase of the grill might have been a mistake.  I have nowhere to store my food, or to sleep.  I can only hope that things will improve quickly.  Below are some of the sketches I made throughout this first day.

By my hand,

Lucius Malfoy



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