Biri 7, 106 AS

I’ve made an important decision.  The woman I will marry is Dina.  She is strong willed, determined and took all of my romantic gestures well.  It was a real relief since Danna has informed me that she thinks of me as a friend and nothing more, and Alexus has been too busy with her son to see me lately.

Dina went with me to the desert and we spent an evening in the park there.  I didn’t want to take her to the local park since I’d gone there with Danna on our first date.  It took some effort for me to really get to know her, but Dina is truly everything I could ask for.  She will surely help me to build a family in this new place and a household as well.

Lately, she has been visiting often.  She seems to admire my art, and I’ve noticed she exercises regularly.  One time I found her doing push ups in front of my easel.  I believe that my proposal will meet with favor, yet I feel I must wait for the proper moment.  It would be helpful to have someone to speak with about how to go about asking, but I refuse to contact my father or brother.  There’s no way I’ll show them any sign of uncertainty or weakness.

By my hand,

Lucius Malfoy



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