Kulun 17, 110 AS

I admit it has been far too long since I’ve made an entry here.  Luckily I continue to draw, so there are sketches which are easy to add.  Dina started in on her cooking soon after our honeymoon.  Her career had been stalled and she was frustrated.  I did my best to support her efforts and certainly enjoyed not having to cook all of my meals anymore.

One evening we ended up on the topic of children and I discovered that Dina dreamed of having ten of them.  I can only hope that once we have three or four she will forget this irrational desire.  That many children would be difficult to support on any salary.  With me working my way up as an artist and her aspiring to be a mixologist I don’t think we can support ten children.  Besides, they would surely drive me mad.

On Elt 9, 107 AS Dina informed me that she was pregnant and we celebrated the occasion with great joy.  I began saving money again thinking of the need for a room and baby furniture.  Even so, I gave Dina the bar she’d been wanting on our first anniversary.  I also kept my first two masterpieces instead of selling them.  They hang in the kitchen reminding me to continue working hard.

As rewards came in from my employer a small studio for me grew next to the kitchen.  Our daughter was born on Biri 12, 108 AS and we agreed to name her Astara.  A couple days ago Dina told me she needed to throw a party.  Evidently serving drinks at a party will help her to improve her mixology skill faster.  I sincerely suspect she just wanted to throw a party.  It went amazingly well.  I admit that I was impressed.  There may be more news soon.  We’ve been speaking about trying for another child.

By my hand,

Lucius Malfoy



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I have a lot of hobbies which might be why I have a difficult time finishing and mastering things. Drawing, writing and playing the Sims are among my favorites. I also try to cook, spend time with my animals and create Sims mods, so there's a lot on my plate beyond this blog. I've been playing the Sims since the first release and it's still my favorite game. I think the Sims 2 was the all time best of them! View all posts by moondansr

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