Wast 3, 119 AS

I haven’t been drawing as much, but there is too much to report to ignore this journal any longer.  Astara’s dreams came true when she managed to become the most rambunctious scamp in the entire town.  She now spends endless hours talking about how special she is, so many in fact that I believe she will be very charismatic when she grows up.

Surely no one could truly top Bethany when it comes to charisma, however.  She can talk anyone into just about anything.  Now she has become best friends with Oscar Roper.  She calls him her partner in crime.  Be that as it may, the two of them really must work harder if they wish to cause mischief together.  I’ve no idea what Bethany was doing when the teacher caught her with that cage of gerbils, but she certainly failed in the first rule of such things; don’t get caught.

Dina gave birth to our first son on Apterium 28 in 115 AS.  The years just slid by, now I find myself with four elementary school children.  Although I haven’t spent as much time with them as I would have liked, Dina somehow finds the time to read to them regularly.  Sometimes I really wish there were walls around my studio.  I find it difficult to concentrate with the children talking and running around.  Andre doesn’t like to stop lounging around to do much of anything but Crystal occasionally manages to get a game of chess out of him.

Our fifth child, Deanna, was born yesterday afternoon.  Perhaps I can talk Dina into waiting a while for the next.  In the meantime I have been working hard as an artist and writing as well.  Four of my books bring in money regularly; Cloud Walking – a children’s book about a boy who discovers he can walk on the clouds, Butterfly Wings and Cotton Candy – written on a day when I felt very playful which does happen on the rare occasion, Just Do It! – a motivational book encouraging artist to stop worrying and start producing art, and Growing a Family – a nonfiction novel about events in my family’s life.

By my hand,

Lucius Malfoy



About moondansr

I have a lot of hobbies which might be why I have a difficult time finishing and mastering things. Drawing, writing and playing the Sims are among my favorites. I also try to cook, spend time with my animals and create Sims mods, so there's a lot on my plate beyond this blog. I've been playing the Sims since the first release and it's still my favorite game. I think the Sims 2 was the all time best of them! View all posts by moondansr

3 responses to “Wast 3, 119 AS

  • Shannon SimsFan

    I’ve been meaning to ask you, where did you come up with your calendar system? It is awesome. It’s not from Harry Potter, is it? (I have read them all multiple times, but it has been a while, so maybe I’m forgetting.) The partner in crime interactions are so fun, sorry to hear Bethany was caught, and Lucius’ rule that you don’t get caught sounds like him!

    His book titles are terrific!


    • moondansr

      Bethany just kept getting caught, but I still enjoyed the interactions! You aren’t forgetting the calendar system. I wanted to give the story an other worldly feel so I made up the calendar system. It’s a 10 month system so a year goes by a bit more quickly. One of the frustrating things about the Sims for me has to do with continuity. My brain really wants to organize it into familiar patterns. It seems like a year in the Sims is less than two days but more than one. Pregnancy is a 3-4 day thing though which implies three months to a day or a little bit less. I keep going and end up with a headache. It’s easier for me to create my own imaginary system and blog to that. 🙂

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