Biri 12, 121 AS

Today is Astara’s thirteenth birthday.  It’s difficult to believe she’s a teenager already.  The very first thing she did after cutting the cake was begin flirting with one of the men at her party.  I put a stop to that, but when Dina gave me a look I decided it was time to update the journal.  It’s difficult to see my little girl grow up.

Deanna has been growing steadily.  She speaks often about the saddest things.  I wonder if we aren’t giving her enough attention or if she’s having trouble in school.  Dina doesn’t seem to know why Deanna seems so down either.

Sadly, even with a house full of children I’ve seen no evidence that any of them have a spark of creativity.  I’ll continue watching and waiting.  Dina has promised me that after our sixth child we can take a break for a while and let a few of them move out before we have more.  I’m glad for this, even if it still worries me having so many dependents.  Between writing and art I continue to bring in money.  It’s a good thing, the bills keep going up.

By my hand,

Lucius Malfoy



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I have a lot of hobbies which might be why I have a difficult time finishing and mastering things. Drawing, writing and playing the Sims are among my favorites. I also try to cook, spend time with my animals and create Sims mods, so there's a lot on my plate beyond this blog. I've been playing the Sims since the first release and it's still my favorite game. I think the Sims 2 was the all time best of them! View all posts by moondansr

2 responses to “Biri 12, 121 AS

  • Shannon SimsFan

    Oh, I feel for Lucius. Having your little girl literally grow up before your eyes is tough. Maybe one of the kids will get a creativity trait or aspiration later?


    • moondansr

      At that point in the story I was really starting to worry. I’ve been generating the new traits on their birthdays, so it’s as much of a surprise to me as anyone else. So many kids and no creativity… yet.


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