Montalro 12, 125 AS

I’d like to say that Astara is taking her position as eldest child seriously, but that isn’t the case.  Astara still spends an inordinate amount of time joking around with her younger siblings.  I am proud of her grades however, all of the children really.  They work hard at school and when they get their grades up they keep them there.

Bethany is the first to join Astara in making fun of adults, or any other activities.  She has gotten in trouble at school for trying to pull pranks so many times that I’ve had to put my foot down.  I told her to either figure out how to stop getting caught or stop pulling these pranks altogether.  Dina seemed a bit disappointed in my lecture, but I see no other solution to the problem.

Crystal seems to get along with all of our other children, though they occasionally ask her the oddest questions.  All she’s ever eaten was our food, I can’t imagine she would know the difference between it and alien food, for example.

Deanna surprised me the other day when I was cloud gazing, a pass time which gives me inspiration for my job.  She began playing on the monkey bars like a pro, and I’d never seen her on them before.  I think I miss a lot while I’m at work.

Dina and Bethany were there when Brennan proclaimed himself too big for his baby bed.  Brennan is our sixth child and second son.  I can’t fully express how happy I was too see him drawing on the drawing table I’d gotten for the children.  Perhaps I finally have a child who is fit to be heir.  We must see if it’s just a phase or not.  Brennan is a wonderfully confident child, I think he will be successful in anything he sets his mind on.  It’s a relief to know there will be no new babies for a while.

By my hand,

Lucius Malfoy



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