Metsys 5, 124 AS

Surprisingly, Bethany didn’t seem at all jealous of Crystal by nightfall.  She even put the candles on the cake.  Crystal was her unusually somber as she stepped up to the cake.  Many people gathered for her birthday.  I’ve been very proud of her childhood accomplishments.  After she made her wish, however, I discovered that her nature had changed.  While she was fine with her older siblings she no longer liked being around any of the younger ones.  In fact she would make the most horrible faces when she saw them.

One of Bethany’s favorite places to do homework is the island in the pool.  In fact, I’ve seen Astara do homework there too.  I wonder what they’ll do when I have the money for the fountain that’s eventually going there.  The house is looking very patchwork, but I hate to spend money on form when we still could use separate rooms for the children, and a place for my heir once they are named.  Perhaps someday one of my children or grandchildren will see to the aesthetics.

By my hand,

Lucius MalfoyMetsysD


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