Montalro 12, 133 AS

Somehow I failed to mention Astara’s 21st birthday.  On Biri 12, 129 AS Astara became a young adult.  Important as it was, I fail to see how I didn’t write about it.  She’s become very certain of her messy, boy-crazy self.  It’s a good thing we have a maid who comes in daily.  She wishes to be an Angler.  When I told her I had never met a rich fisherman she just flounced out the door to go fishing.  I suppose it’s fine.  I’ve allowed Astara to stay in the house waiting for a better suited child to stay at Deanna’s side.

This morning I woke to a startling sight, Andre was in my bed.  It’s a good thing I hadn’t reached out to pull him close as I often do when Dina is there.  Her face is the only one I’m accustomed to waking up to.  This was uncomfortable to say the least and when he woke up I told him he’s far too old for such antics.  Andre is nearly a full adult and he has his own very comfortable bed!  I’m not hearing any excuses about nightmares either.  At his age he should have found some other way to cope with such things.

My patience paid off with Brennan.  He has grown into a fine teenager and is definitely the one who will stay to help Deanna carry on the Malfoy legacy.  I trust he will do his best to help her and am glad she will have her brother around.  Sometimes I missed my own brother very much.

Lastly, I must speak on the fountain.  I’ve had it installed in the center of the pool as intended.  This has not stopped the children from swimming out there to do their homework, even Brennan, complete with his glasses.

By my hand,

Lucius Malfoy


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