This blog was set up so that I could share the story of my legacy challenge.  Using the voice of my founder Lucius, I’m writing it as if it was his journal.  I intend to change writers when Lucius officially passes control of the home to one of his children.  I hope that anyone who drops by enjoys the blog and If not I hope they find something else to read which they enjoy elsewhere.

I used Lucius Malfoy to begin my family because the Malfoy family represents legacies to me in a special way.  Much of the story about them in Harry Potter is lost because Lucius is fighting on the wrong side of the battle, but they are such complex characters and their story touched me.  I felt as though they might well be stuck with Voldemort due to promises made in the past more so than truly evil.

At any rate, my Lucius is different from that one for oh so many reasons, and I hope my readers will enjoy his very different story.

Technical Details

The Legacy Challenge

Succession Laws
Gender: Equality
Bloodline: Strict Traditional
Heir: Exemplar – Creative
Species: Tolerant


2 responses to “About

  • Shannon SimsFan

    Yes, I felt so bad for Malfoy in the Harry Potter series, and even for his parents. Voldemort gave them a really raw deal too.


    • moondansr

      I think many people just see the family as evil but to me they were defending traditions that went very deep for them. Since so many pure bloods rallied around Voldemort he must have been very charismatic and convincing back in the day and once a family that proud had made a commitment I think they would feel the need to back it up. Thank you so much for commenting. I really enjoy discovering that I have new comments!

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