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Montalro 12, 133 AS

Somehow I failed to mention Astara’s 21st birthday.  On Biri 12, 129 AS Astara became a young adult.  Important as it was, I fail to see how I didn’t write about it.  She’s become very certain of her messy, boy-crazy self.  It’s a good thing we have a maid who comes in daily.  She wishes to be an Angler.  When I told her I had never met a rich fisherman she just flounced out the door to go fishing.  I suppose it’s fine.  I’ve allowed Astara to stay in the house waiting for a better suited child to stay at Deanna’s side.

This morning I woke to a startling sight, Andre was in my bed.  It’s a good thing I hadn’t reached out to pull him close as I often do when Dina is there.  Her face is the only one I’m accustomed to waking up to.  This was uncomfortable to say the least and when he woke up I told him he’s far too old for such antics.  Andre is nearly a full adult and he has his own very comfortable bed!  I’m not hearing any excuses about nightmares either.  At his age he should have found some other way to cope with such things.

My patience paid off with Brennan.  He has grown into a fine teenager and is definitely the one who will stay to help Deanna carry on the Malfoy legacy.  I trust he will do his best to help her and am glad she will have her brother around.  Sometimes I missed my own brother very much.

Lastly, I must speak on the fountain.  I’ve had it installed in the center of the pool as intended.  This has not stopped the children from swimming out there to do their homework, even Brennan, complete with his glasses.

By my hand,

Lucius Malfoy



Wast 2, 132 AS

I was cooking when the idea for my next book came to me.  Alien Magic!  Since I knew that no one would believe the truth of it I wrote it as science fiction. Perhaps it will help people if these abductions become more common to know about what I’ve discerned about their abilities. The book is published now and is bringing in good money.

Deanna’s birthday was a real surprise for me. I learned a whole new side of her as she passed from childhood to teenager. Deanna is the heir to this legacy I’ve begun. Unless something tragic occurs, she will be the one to carry on my name. It makes me feel surprisingly old, although I’m not. I still have many years ahead. When she becomes an adult I will pass the task of journalling on to her.

Dina was incredibly pleased when I told her and mixed enough drinks for everyone to drink two. Some of our guests tried to finish them off but there wasn’t much hope. I was a bit concerned about Deanna’s tendency towards gloom, so I spent the rest of the party talking to her about the responsibilities of being head of the family. She seemed to take the whole thing very seriously which made me feel good about my decision. May her creativity guide her way.

By my hand,

Lucius Malfoy


Apterium 30, 128 AS

This morning I finished and submitted a new book which is sure to be a bestseller. It’s called Empty Houses and it’s about an entire city disappearing. As new people begin to move in they slowly uncover what happened to the people who lived there before and question whether or not it’s too late to escape the same fate. I sent out Moments of Truth at the same time, but it’s not of the same quality.

Since today is my birthday we tried hiring a caterer again. Dina prefers to work the bar since that’s her primary interest. I must say, however, she knows how to cook. I wouldn’t have had a cake if she didn’t. Every time I looked up she’d left the bar to finish cooking something the caterer had left half done. After the party she went out for a swim and was back at it, cooking the random leftover items. I was glad to see Bethany, Astara and Crystal pitching in to help Dina out.

I also had an unwelcome visitor. There’s no way for me to keep from wondering what made them come at the very moment I said goodbye to young adulthood and became an adult. Still, it happened and I had to bear their horrid company once again. I hope that none of my children ever have to meet these aliens.

By my hand,

Lucius Malfoy


Apterium 29, 128 AS

My latest book Brighten Your World is doing well in stores.  It reviews the careful use of color in paintings.  With a long needed break from diapers and late night feeding times Dina has been concentrating on work. I have to say that I’m proud to have such a hard working and beautiful wife.  I’ve never truly regretted my choice although the constant parade of children has given me pause to question.  Still, I’ve become quite close to all of them for various reasons.

This entry I’ve included a sketch of the inside of the house.  The girls room with it’s many beds and the boys room, only two beds there.  Between them is the play room so they don’t wake each other if anyone is asleep.  I’m glad I decided to put the pool in, while it was mostly for my active wife all of the children love it too.

With only two bathrooms and all of these people things have begun to get out of hand.  I didn’t care to ever have to wait again while three children used the bathroom before me so I put in a third bathroom beside the master suite.  It’s helped.  I also ended up purchasing a mirror.  It’s been a struggle for both Dina and I to improve the eloquence of our speech.  I’ve tried talking to people, purchased books, nothing seems to make a difference.  Perhaps it will help to observe ourselves in the mirror.

Andre managed to fulfill his desire to be a socialite in the society of children.  He’s very excited about having so many friends.  Yesterday was Andre’s 13th birthday party.  I’ve been catering all of our parties these days since hiring a caterer always results in such a mess.  Andre isn’t much of a go getter, so I was surprised he managed to make all of those friends.  Now I see that his new focus will be romancing all the girls.  He says he wants to play guitar but I don’t see it in him to succeed.  Of course I will buy him a guitar and give him a chance to prove himself.  If he does well perhaps he’ll develop some creativity.

By my hand,

Lucius Malfoy


Metsys 5, 124 AS

Surprisingly, Bethany didn’t seem at all jealous of Crystal by nightfall.  She even put the candles on the cake.  Crystal was her unusually somber as she stepped up to the cake.  Many people gathered for her birthday.  I’ve been very proud of her childhood accomplishments.  After she made her wish, however, I discovered that her nature had changed.  While she was fine with her older siblings she no longer liked being around any of the younger ones.  In fact she would make the most horrible faces when she saw them.

One of Bethany’s favorite places to do homework is the island in the pool.  In fact, I’ve seen Astara do homework there too.  I wonder what they’ll do when I have the money for the fountain that’s eventually going there.  The house is looking very patchwork, but I hate to spend money on form when we still could use separate rooms for the children, and a place for my heir once they are named.  Perhaps someday one of my children or grandchildren will see to the aesthetics.

By my hand,

Lucius MalfoyMetsysD

Metsys 4, 124 AS

I was painting in the dining room and realized something.  We had plenty of money to do some renovations.  While I was trying to decide if I could just spend the money on my studio and some kitchen upgrades Dina called us all to dinner and I realized only four of us could eat at the table.  Children were sitting at my desk, on the couch, I can’t imagine why this had escaped my attention.  So some long needed renovations have occurred.

Crystal is the top student in her class.  She makes a horrid smelling potion which Bethany likes to use amongst unsuspecting people in the park.  I’ve finished four new books which assisted in funding the renovations:  Poems to Enjoy with Family – a collection of the poems I’ve written which are family appropriate, The Wonderful World of Wizards – a fantasy novel…, Ink Blots – the story of sad times in a child’s life, and the effects they have on her diary entries, Petals on the Wind – a romantic story that takes place in Japan during the cherry blossom festival.

The party Dina had planned for tonight was evidently too late for Bethany. She got out of the swimming pool earlier and pronounced herself a teenager, then got sad because she said we didn’t have the party soon enough. I think I’ve been too easy on these children. When I was a teen I don’t remember being half as petulant.

By my hand,

Lucius Malfoy


Montalro 12, 125 AS

I’d like to say that Astara is taking her position as eldest child seriously, but that isn’t the case.  Astara still spends an inordinate amount of time joking around with her younger siblings.  I am proud of her grades however, all of the children really.  They work hard at school and when they get their grades up they keep them there.

Bethany is the first to join Astara in making fun of adults, or any other activities.  She has gotten in trouble at school for trying to pull pranks so many times that I’ve had to put my foot down.  I told her to either figure out how to stop getting caught or stop pulling these pranks altogether.  Dina seemed a bit disappointed in my lecture, but I see no other solution to the problem.

Crystal seems to get along with all of our other children, though they occasionally ask her the oddest questions.  All she’s ever eaten was our food, I can’t imagine she would know the difference between it and alien food, for example.

Deanna surprised me the other day when I was cloud gazing, a pass time which gives me inspiration for my job.  She began playing on the monkey bars like a pro, and I’d never seen her on them before.  I think I miss a lot while I’m at work.

Dina and Bethany were there when Brennan proclaimed himself too big for his baby bed.  Brennan is our sixth child and second son.  I can’t fully express how happy I was too see him drawing on the drawing table I’d gotten for the children.  Perhaps I finally have a child who is fit to be heir.  We must see if it’s just a phase or not.  Brennan is a wonderfully confident child, I think he will be successful in anything he sets his mind on.  It’s a relief to know there will be no new babies for a while.

By my hand,

Lucius Malfoy