Wast 2, 132 AS

I was cooking when the idea for my next book came to me.  Alien Magic!  Since I knew that no one would believe the truth of it I wrote it as science fiction. Perhaps it will help people if these abductions become more common to know about what I’ve discerned about their abilities. The book is published now and is bringing in good money.

Deanna’s birthday was a real surprise for me. I learned a whole new side of her as she passed from childhood to teenager. Deanna is the heir to this legacy I’ve begun. Unless something tragic occurs, she will be the one to carry on my name. It makes me feel surprisingly old, although I’m not. I still have many years ahead. When she becomes an adult I will pass the task of journalling on to her.

Dina was incredibly pleased when I told her and mixed enough drinks for everyone to drink two. Some of our guests tried to finish them off but there wasn’t much hope. I was a bit concerned about Deanna’s tendency towards gloom, so I spent the rest of the party talking to her about the responsibilities of being head of the family. She seemed to take the whole thing very seriously which made me feel good about my decision. May her creativity guide her way.

By my hand,

Lucius Malfoy



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