Apterium 29, 128 AS

My latest book Brighten Your World is doing well in stores.  It reviews the careful use of color in paintings.  With a long needed break from diapers and late night feeding times Dina has been concentrating on work. I have to say that I’m proud to have such a hard working and beautiful wife.  I’ve never truly regretted my choice although the constant parade of children has given me pause to question.  Still, I’ve become quite close to all of them for various reasons.

This entry I’ve included a sketch of the inside of the house.  The girls room with it’s many beds and the boys room, only two beds there.  Between them is the play room so they don’t wake each other if anyone is asleep.  I’m glad I decided to put the pool in, while it was mostly for my active wife all of the children love it too.

With only two bathrooms and all of these people things have begun to get out of hand.  I didn’t care to ever have to wait again while three children used the bathroom before me so I put in a third bathroom beside the master suite.  It’s helped.  I also ended up purchasing a mirror.  It’s been a struggle for both Dina and I to improve the eloquence of our speech.  I’ve tried talking to people, purchased books, nothing seems to make a difference.  Perhaps it will help to observe ourselves in the mirror.

Andre managed to fulfill his desire to be a socialite in the society of children.  He’s very excited about having so many friends.  Yesterday was Andre’s 13th birthday party.  I’ve been catering all of our parties these days since hiring a caterer always results in such a mess.  Andre isn’t much of a go getter, so I was surprised he managed to make all of those friends.  Now I see that his new focus will be romancing all the girls.  He says he wants to play guitar but I don’t see it in him to succeed.  Of course I will buy him a guitar and give him a chance to prove himself.  If he does well perhaps he’ll develop some creativity.

By my hand,

Lucius Malfoy



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I have a lot of hobbies which might be why I have a difficult time finishing and mastering things. Drawing, writing and playing the Sims are among my favorites. I also try to cook, spend time with my animals and create Sims mods, so there's a lot on my plate beyond this blog. I've been playing the Sims since the first release and it's still my favorite game. I think the Sims 2 was the all time best of them! View all posts by moondansr

2 responses to “Apterium 29, 128 AS

  • Shannon SimsFan

    Lucius is begrudgingly impressed by the social butterfly aspiration, I see. A playroom and an extra bathroom are both big helps with a large family. Somehow I don’t think Lucius would have much patience with the lazy caterers, so it is just as well he does his own parties.


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